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Making Software Better

How We Can Help You?

Introducing new software can be a daunting and complicated challenge.  

Working with Testing Plus gives you immediate access to skilled Testing professionals who can help you ensure the end product meets your needs.

Software Development

Software development can be a long, expensive process.

The key to achieving that is to thoroughly test the application before it goes live.


Since 1996 we have been providing a range of testing services that allow you to be confident your end product is the best it can be.​

Our Aim

Our aim is to be the preferred choice when it comes to any phase of software testing.

Who We've Worked With


I remember the time when Testing Plus meticulously verified every aspect of the Nostrum System leaving no stone unturned. They are a real Sherlock Holmes of the testing world!
Matt Bettinson
Lead Developer Oakbrook Finance
Testing Plus' commitment and drive to delivery was exceptional, their volume of output far exceeded that of others working alongside them and was able to build strong relationships with key customers
Dave Payne
Senior Project Manager Barclaycard
Testing Plus provided a diligent and thorough Test Manager who is capable of a very high throughput of work while maintaining a calm and relaxed outlook.
Ian White
Senior Test Manager Barclaycard
Testing Plus ensured that on both a system requirement and business intent point of view that all key components were thoroughly tested. As a result, the system replacement (although huge in scale) caused minimal disruption in the operation
Gareth Williams
Test Lead Capital One